> A New Registered Member Joins DC Bethel Church

A New Registered Member Joins DC Bethel Church

On Sunday, June 10, a new registered member was born in Washington, D.C. Christy Marie Sawyer decided to officially join the church and become part of the church family.

Sawyer has come to DC Bethel Church for past 8 months and served as volunteer teacher to teach English to any members who wanted to receive private lessons from her.

“We are thankful to God for sending Christy to our church and letting her become a faithful member of the church family. Christy is a great blessing for us and I hope we can work closely in the future for building God’s Kingdom together here in Washington, D.C.,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim.

Kim added, “Christy has a certificate to teach and has a long experience in teaching in various environments. We hope to see God using her greatly for building His Kingdom and healing many souls.”