> As They Began to Sing and Praise

As They Began to Sing and Praise

The event taking place in 2 Chronicles 20 requires our close attention. We come to see how a kingdom facing crisis received deliverance from God.

Judah is the kingdom in focus and Jehoshaphat is the king there. They are facing invasion from three surrounding nations nearby. What are they going to do?

Before we dive into the text, there is a need to understand the background of how all this unfolded.

Two chapters before 2 Chronicles 20, we see a defeat taking place when a king of Judah and king of Israel went against a king of Aram.

A prophet of the Lord pretty much said you will lose. But the two kings went out against the king of Aram nevertheless.

And how tragic it was. Ahab, king of Israel, died and Jehoshaphat (king of Judah) barely saves his life.

The big change we see in chapter 20 is how Jehoshaphat repented. He is a different man.

When crisis struck, he declared fasting for everyone and sought the Lord. They prayed.

Jehoshaphat received the word of the Lord with care and obeyed it as it was given him.

And most remarkably, they praised. They sang. God told the army of Judah to stay still and watch how He will deliver them. But they did more. They positioned singers at the head of their army and sang.

Not so strategic, is it?

But as they began to sing and praise, something amazing happened. God brought their deliverance.

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving. When we are grateful, we can praise. Christmas is coming soon. The Son of God came to us to save us and to restore us.

Are we grateful? Are we praising? Or are we complaining and blaming today?

No matter what circumstance you are in today, let us pray and seek God and remember our Lord Jesus Christ and His great grace. If you can’t do it, seek the Lord. Ask help and seek the Holy Spirit to change your heart.

And as we sing and praise in our heart for all God has already done for us, our lives will enter into a new dimension of joy this holiday season. I hope that all of us can become victorious thru God’s help as we praise and sing in the last month of this year 2018.