> Bethel Church Celebrates Easter through Online Service

Bethel Church Celebrates Easter through Online Service

On Sunday, April 12, Bethel members gathered online together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone praised songs together and then meditated on the word of God from the gospel of John 20.

“Although the world grieves and lives in anxiety due to changing circumstances of the time, those who are in Christ can have their sorrow turn into joy because we know He has risen,” said a member of the church.

“Jesus defeated death and grave and became the first fruit unto the glory of God. And we who live in Jesus shall also reign and live forevermore no matter how dark this world may get. So we have joy and we can be courageous because He has overcome the world.”

Bethel church members will diligently go toward Pentecost now as they pray and grow deeper into the word of God. Please pray for every one of them to come out of the difficult situations they may have by relying on the Lord and come out on the other end strengthened and nourished even more.