> Bethel Church Celebrates New Jubilee Leader for DC

Bethel Church Celebrates New Jubilee Leader for DC

DC Bethel Church is celebrating its new Jubilee leader. Sachie Yoshimoto will serve as the Jubilee leader in Washington D.C. She will be working with Jubilee World HQ as well as the pastoral leadership of Bethel Church to advance Jubilee fellowship activities and worship services.

Following is the excerpt from Jubilee World’s interview with Yoshimoto, who gracefully shared her visions and hopes for Jubilee.

Q: What interested you to serve in Jubilee Washington D.C.? How did you feel God moved you in this direction?
A: Now I’m in a spiritual warfare but I [desire] to overcome it. I received such prophecies from Elim Staffs. Then when I seriously think about overcoming the spiritual warfare, praising is the key to keep positive spirituality in God. And I realized worship is not showing the ability of singing or playing, but open the spiritual connection between God and us through praising songs. I hope [to] experience true joy by serving Jubilee.

Q: How would you start developing Jubilee fellowship and church worship in Bethel church?
A: We need to organize music scores and roles of playing music and singers. First, we need to have a good atmosphere of church worship so that everyone’s heart can be united to God through worshiping and prayers. I hope to develop Jubilee fellowship by recruiting potential musicians and serving them to let them know the real joy through praising together.

Q: Amen! Any other graceful reflection you would like to add?
A: I thank God [that He had] led me to serve for Jubilee ministry. Now I really feel the importance of praising and its effects to the minds of human beings. By serving Jubilee ministry, I hope to overcome every spiritual warfare within me so that it may show a good example of how praising works for healthy lives of Christians.