> Bethel Church Holds Weekend Brothers’ Retreat

Bethel Church Holds Weekend Brothers’ Retreat

On Saturday, April 17, Bethel church held its weekend brothers’ retreat by studying the Bible, sharing table fellowship, and then hiking together in nature. The event began at 10 am where the brothers studied ‘The way of the disciple I’ and ‘The way of the disciple II.’ Afterward, everyone made their reflection about the study, asked questions, and discussed the details with one another.

Ona and Michael joined the retreat newly as registered members of the church and both Olu and Sam led the meeting through sharing and reading together the word. Afterward, everyone ate together and shared their life stories so that everyone can get to know each other better.

“It was a wholesome time. We got to emphasize some of the very important truths to our registered members as they are continuously growing through their Roman studies. We pray that they can keep growing and becoming more and more drawn to the church where they can run together for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,” said a member of the church.

After lunch, everyone hiked together and continued to share the grace, and had time to enjoy brotherly fellowship outdoor. Also, the brothers were told about the importance of growing in faith and forming family in faith. Please pray for these single brothers to grow strong and mighty in the Lord!