> Bethel Church Members Continue Campus Evangelism with Hope

Bethel Church Members Continue Campus Evangelism with Hope

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Bethel church members are pushing evangelism at campuses around Maryland with the hope of finding a lost soul who is thirsting to receive the Gospel and be saved in the grace of Lord Jesus Christ. While evangelizing at the University of Maryland campus on Thursday, July 21, the staff came across one of the students whom they met before and got to sit down and talk for a good half an hour.

“We met Musa. Last time, he only talked for 10 minutes and then hurried off to his next meeting saying he was very busy. However, when we approached him today, he was reading a book and had more time for us to talk together about the Gospel, Jesus and our purpose and existence. We believe we were led by the Holy Spirit to meet Musa again and his response was much more calm and peaceful,” said the presbytery staff.

Please pray that many souls met on campus can have the change of heart and join the Bible study to be thoroughly washed and born again by the Word of God.