> Bethel Church Wednesday Sermon: I Am the Bread of Life

Bethel Church Wednesday Sermon: I Am the Bread of Life

On Wednesday, May 20, DC Bethel members gathered and worshiped the Lord together online.

The intercessory prayer was prayed by a committed member Olu. Then the sermon ensued after opening praise.

“The passage was from John 6. We’ve meditated on how Jesus fed the 5,000 and then made an offer to everyone to receive the bread that counts; the bread of life,” said a church member.

“Every other bread in this world doesn’t satisfy us, however, the bread of life Jesus satisfies our spiritual hunger and gives eternal life beginning now when we accept him, love him and trust him with our heart.”

The service broadcast was live on via Facebook, Youtube, and Jitsi meet. Phoebe Sun from the DC church helped with broadcasting the service to Facebook live.

“The broken bread opened the eyes of the disciples to recognize the resurrected Jesus. We pray for the Holy Spirit to help us see the broken body and shed blood of Christ and receive His sacrificial love on the cross, by eating his bread. Let our lives be like Peter who can commit to Jesus and follow him wherever he goes.”