> Bethel Sunday Sermon: “I Will Pour out My Spirit on All People”

Bethel Sunday Sermon: “I Will Pour out My Spirit on All People”

On Pentecost Sunday, May 31, Bethel church members gathered online and worshiped God together as they earnestly expected the Holy Spirit to fill them up once again.

Many of the DC church members joined Pentecost retreat online together with St. Louis Immanuel church over the weekend. However, for the Sunday service, they’ve come together as DC church to hold its service.

“The word of God was from Acts 2. We read and listened to the record of Luke on what happened on the first Pentecost day when the Holy Spirit descended upon believers,” said a member who joined the service.

“More than anything, we see how God promised His Spirit to be upon all those who call out His name. It’s without discrimination but with equality. In the U.S., many cities are burning and in distress due to racism and discrimination. One’s skin color determines how you will be treated. Not so with God and His gift of the Holy Spirit. We hope and dream for the day to come when everyone will be filled with the Holy Spirit and injustice, inequality, and racism to be erased out of this nation and the world.”

Washington, D.C. is now going through its Phase I of opening the city, however, a gathering of more than 10 people is still prohibited. Please pray that the Holy Spirit can bring healing to both body and spirit for all those in the city as they call out the name of the Lord.