> Bethel Sunday Sermon: “Ruin and Misery Mark Their Ways”

Bethel Sunday Sermon: “Ruin and Misery Mark Their Ways”

On Sunday, November 29, DC Bethel church members came together and observed the Sabbath and listened to the word of God from the book of Romans 3:9-20. The title of the message was “Ruin and Misery Mark Their Ways.” Members listened to the piercing accusation of the apostle Paul toward all believers who are living under the influence and power of sin.

As we are heading toward Christmas 2020, it was a very apt message that shed light on why we need Jesus and how the world was like before the son of God finally entered into this world. Everyone received the word with humble hearts and repented deeply for their sin as they heard the powerful echoes of the apostle’s voice ringing straight toward people in today’s world from 2,000 years ago.

“As painful as it is to hear the words about sin, we must listen and see our sins so that we may be healed by the healer and savior Jesus Christ. We don’t want to live thinking we are healthy when we are sick. May the Lord open our eyes so that we can deeply repent of our grievous sins and go forward to the only one who can save us from the power of sin, our Lord Jesus Christ. May all of us daily wash our garment on the blood of the lamb and be the one who can enter the heavenly city with robes that are washed white as snow,” said a church member.

Please pray for all the DC members to gain great victory in the coming week as they are praying for many important prayer topics to come through this week!