> Bethel Wednesday Sermon: You Have Kept the Best Until Now

Bethel Wednesday Sermon: You Have Kept the Best Until Now

On Wednesday, May 6, Bethel church members gathered and offered up their Wednesday service online.

Members looked together into the first week of Jesus’ public ministry, especially focused on Cana and then in Jerusalem.

“The message focused a lot on how we can receive joy and excitement in life while we are confined in one space due to coronavirus. We know Jesus can change our boring life to exciting life even during this time of challenge and trial,” said a member.

“We learned how we need to come before Jesus with a humble heart, first and foremost, knowing we don’t deserve the life of joy for who we are. But coming with humility before him, we learned the importance of listening to his direction and finally letting him take his rightful place and drive out everything unworthy in our lives through his power. Only Jesus can remove all unworthy things from us and once again change us to receive his life that brings joy to us even during difficult circumstances.”

Please for all the DC members to endure well during this time of trial as they unite with Jesus who gives joy that only gets better and better no matter through all circumstances.