DC Bethel Sets Goal to Establish Four States in 2018

Bethel Church in Washington, D.C., set its goal to pioneer four states in 2018, opening up in four major cities in the region.

Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and Kentucky are now waiting for new ministers and DC Church is hoping to pioneer each state every 3 months.

“By setting up our sister church in Baltimore, Wilmington, Charleston, and Louisville, we can fill up most of the empty states now. North Carolina is considering to pioneer Richmond. If that’s decided, then all our states in our region get filled by the end of 2018,” said Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

Kim continued, “Some of the cities that are empty now have up to half a million or more than a million people when considering cities in their vicinity. There are many people of God who are waiting for us.”

Please pray for DC Church to grow and expand quickly and pioneer the remaining states in the region in 2018!