AM George Washington University Holds Bible Study Before Spring Break

With spring break right around the corner, AM George Washington University students met for the Bible study on Saturday, March 3.

Morris, a second-year GWU student, joined the Bible study for the first time together with other regular Bible study students.

“Xiang, Andy, Lydia came and Morris. Kevin couldn’t join us because the law school is already in Spring break. Morris is searching for God and he agreed to join the Bible study when we met on campus,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim.

Kim continued, “Morris had a lot of questions about God, about the Old and New Testament, and also about Jesus. We touched on topics such as human free will versus God’s providence and others. We had a very fruitful discussion going through Genesis 3 to the story of Joseph and eventually Jesus Christ.”

The Bible study lasted more than an hour, but everyone was actively participated by asking questions and listening to the Bible study and to one another.

“I’m so glad to see how God is leading us each week. May God continue to lead all of us toward Him and His good will”