Bethel Sunday Service Sermon: Let Anyone Who is Thirsty Come to Me and Drink

On Sunday, May 24, Bethel church members in Washington, D.C. gathered online to hold Lord’s day worship service together.

The main passage was from John 7.

“We all came together to read the words of Christ in regards to His invitation for anyone who thirsts. They can come to Jesus and He promised He will give the living water,” said a church member.

“As we are heading toward Pentecost, we want us to be filled with the living water, the Holy Spirit our Lord made available for us. We pray that all of us can long for the Spirit’s outpouring and its abundance going toward the next Sunday.”

Please pray for all the members in Washington, D.C. to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and know, love, and trust in Jesus Christ the King and Savior of the world.