Bethel Sunday Sermon: “Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel”

On Sunday, July 12, Bethel members gathered and offered Lord’s day service together.

The message was from Matthew 10:5-6 with the title of “Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.”

“We read the words from Jesus who directed his disciples to go to the lost sheep of Israel when they were going out for evangelism. In our time, many people are Christians just outwardly but without really knowing the word or having received the Holy Spirit. We want to find them and teach the word and help them run together with us for God’s kingdom,” said a church member.

“The message also encouraged everyone to consider looking near and around them. If anyone around them and near has lost strength or are weary, it’s as much of an evangelism to also encourage and help them and draw them closer to the Lord.”

Please pray for Bethel church members to draw many lost sheep of Israel and together go forth powerfully to save all people.