Billy Graham’s personal pastor shares what the Church can learn from ministry of ‘humble’ evangelist

Billy Graham with his friend and Pastor Don Wilton on the porch at Graham’s home in Montreat, North Carolina. The two spent most Saturdays together for the last 20 years of Billy Graham’s life. | Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham’s friend and pastor reflected on his yearslong friendship with the famed evangelist — and shared the lessons and values he believes the Church can glean from the life and ministry of a man he said mirrored the “very heartbeat of God.”

“Mr. Graham’s heartbeat and passion and reflection of the very face of God showed deeply, penetrated my own heart and life,” Don Wilton recalled in an interview with The Christian Post. “I’ve never been around a man personally like that, who so deeply and genuinely and consistently reflected the face of God’s grace. As a pastor myself, one can only imagine the enormous depth of the blessing that God conferred on me every time I was with him every week.”

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