> DC Bethel Begins Evangelism in University of Maryland

DC Bethel Begins Evangelism in University of Maryland

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DC Bethel Church began evangelism in the state of Maryland, in the University of Maryland.

The church is especially focusing on reaching out to students who are studying journalism.

“There is a school of journalism at the University of Maryland. We hope to teach the Bible to many students there,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim.

Kim continued, “The medium is the message famously said by Marshall McLuhan. Mass media plays a vital role in communicating information to countless number of people in a short period of time. By training and teaching the word of God to those who are studying journalism and media, we hope to see them using their skills to spread the word of God everywhere as the water cover the sea.”

Please pray for the new evangelism effort to bear fruit and open up a new revival for DC.