> DC Bethel Church Celebrates Pentecost with Spirit-Led Retreat

DC Bethel Church Celebrates Pentecost with Spirit-Led Retreat

The DC Bethel Church joyously wrapped up its Pentecost retreat this Sunday, May 19, under the nurturing guidance of the Holy Spirit. The final day, coinciding with Pentecost Sunday, commenced with a worship service brimming with divine grace.

Congregants reflected on the scriptural passages of Acts 2, delving into the profound significance of Pentecost. They pondered upon two pivotal reasons for Jesus’s earthly mission and explored three essential aspects of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

The retreat featured a communal agape feast, where members shared meal in fellowship, symbolizing unity and love. The afternoon was marked by a fervent prayer meeting, a highlight of the day, where members collectively lifted public prayer requests before inviting individuals to receive personal prayers.

The power of the Holy Spirit was palpable as each prayer was offered with deep faith, seeking Holy Spirit’s intervention for the fulfillment of each petition. The day culminated in a moving testimony session, where members’ stories of faith vividly testified to the Holy Spirit’s transformative work in their lives.

The DC Bethel Church community emerges from this spiritual retreat invigorated, ready to advance the Kingdom of God with renewed vigor and Holy Spirit empowerment. May their journey be blessed and their faith be a beacon of hope and inspiration.