> DC Bethel Church Engages Community Through Soccer and Fellowship

DC Bethel Church Engages Community Through Soccer and Fellowship

DC Bethel Church is taking an innovative approach to evangelism and community engagement. The church’s youth have started playing soccer with other kids in the neighborhood, expanding their fellowship beyond just their own group.

Last Sunday, after the regular church service, the church grounds were alive with excitement as children from the congregation and two boys from the nearby community came together for a friendly game of soccer. This initiative began a few months ago when a newcomer mom, drawn by the church’s welcoming sign, decided to join the congregation. Touched by the warmth and camaraderie, the newcomer’s family became regular attendees, and recently, her two sons joined the post-service soccer game.

This simple act of playing together has become a beacon of hope, symbolizing the church members’ commitment to serving their neighborhood in Christ’s name. By dedicating their time to sports, they are building bridges with families, single mothers, and their children, inviting them to experience the love and fellowship of Jesus and His church.

The church’s vision extends beyond just fun and games; it’s about creating a space where people can connect through Kerygma (the proclamation of the gospel), Koinonia (fellowship), and Diakonia (service). They believe that through these pillars, individuals can find a sense of belonging and purpose.

As the church continues to explore new avenues for outreach, they request prayers for their mission to touch more lives and lead souls to meet their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The hope is that many more will join their growing family, finding support, community, and spiritual nourishment within the church’s embrace.