> DC Bethel Holds Sunday Service, Remembers Mother’s Day

DC Bethel Holds Sunday Service, Remembers Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 10, Washington DC Bethel church members offered the Lord’s day service together online. The members also congratulated all the mothers in recognition of Mother’s Day.

The message delivered during service was from John 3.

“We meditated on why and how we can be born again and what happens when we are born again,” said a member of the church.

“The world of sin we are born into guarantees only one thing, and that’s death and eternal death. This is the fate no one can escape unless we are born again.”

He continued, “We are then born again by faith in Jesus Christ. Believing in Him, as we repent of our sin, and trust Christ and His redemptive work on the cross, our sins are forgiven and we are born anew with Jesus Christ.”

The sermon exhorted members to live their new life given them by grace through the power of the Holy Spirit by letting Christ take the center stage.

“Let us live our new life where Christ and His love can be in full display in all things we do.”