> DC Bethel Plans to Pioneer Virginia and Maryland

DC Bethel Plans to Pioneer Virginia and Maryland

Bethel Church in Washington, D.C., is setting its goal to pioneer the state of Virginia and Maryland.

Both states are close to Washington, D.C., and DC Bethel hopes to sow the seed as soon as possible to plant the church.

“Washington, D.C., shares its border with both Virginia and Maryland. Our church is closer to Maryland, about 10 minutes away, and 30 minutes away from the state of Virginia,” said Bethel Church minister Sam Kim.

Kim said, “There is a campus nearby our church in Maryland. I am planning to start evangelism there and set up the fellowship. I hope to also travel to Virginia and set up a campus fellowship at George Mason University.”

Virginia has 8 million people who live in the state and 6 million people live in Maryland.

“Please pray for the neighboring states to Washington, D.C., to get pioneered as soon as possible this year!”