> DC Bethel Wednesday Sermon: “The Miracle of Water to Wine”

DC Bethel Wednesday Sermon: “The Miracle of Water to Wine”

On Wednesday, September 23, DC Bethel members came together to worship the Lord and listen to the word of God from John 2:1-11. The service in the evening was done both onsite and online with members joining in both platforms.

The message was on the importance of everyone’s participation in filling up the quantity to experience qualitative change together in the Lord.

“Sometimes, what the Lord is asking of us to do, isn’t so extraordinary. It’s very ordinary is filling up the water jars. However, when we faithfully obey and do it to our upmost best by filling it up to the brim, that’s when the Lord performs His miracle and lets us experience the life where everything only gets better and better,” shared a church member.

“It’s with the eyes of faith we can see this world and bring this world that lies ahead to today, and live it as a reality in our lives today.”

Please pray for all the DC members to together experience the miracle of water to wine as they live their lives.