> DC Church Staff Begins On-Site Campus Evangelism

DC Church Staff Begins On-Site Campus Evangelism

More universities in the DC area are beginning their Spring semester and the DC Bethel church staff went to one of the campuses to invite students for Bible study. With the pandemic still fading out, the campus was still not in its full operation where many students are still taking classes online until the end of this week. However, there was still a good number of students who were on campus getting ready for the new semester.

“Usually, the beginning of the semester is when the students are more willing to try with the Bible study because they are not stressing out about finals and exams. We hope to find many good students during this important time, at the beginning of the semester, and help them learn the book of Romans to know the importance of Jesus who must take priority in our lives,” said the church staff.

Please pray that the DC church can quickly find many good souls and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ!