> Elderly Jewish Man Receives Jesus for the First Time

Elderly Jewish Man Receives Jesus for the First Time

On Wednesday, September 1, an elderly Jewish man who has been attending the church in the US Mid-Atlantic presbytery accepted Jesus for the first time. He joined the Wednesday service after talking to one of the members of the church – Oluwatonsin Sanni – and was picked up to join the service. Mr. Steve wasn’t able to join the church for a while because he recently moved farther away but Olu picked him up and brought him to church.

“After Wednesday evening service, while talking, he confessed that he would like to receive Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. He professed he will receive the love of Jesus given to all mankind – Jews and Gentiles alike – and live the life following after the love of the Lord. We prayed together and he was encouraged to continue attending services well, study the Bible together more – especially the book of Romans text – and to live the new life, eternal life with hope,” said the presbytery staff.

Please pray for Mr. Steve to experience God’s abundant mercy and grace as he begins this new journey as the man who accepts the grace of Jesus Christ by faith.