> Elim Representatives Appointed in Mid-Atlantic Region

Elim Representatives Appointed in Mid-Atlantic Region

By God’s grace, two Elim representatives were appointed on the same day in Mid-Atlantic Region.

Swan Hahm and Shiney Hahm, who recently joined Elim International Conference, came back filled fully by the power of the Holy Spirit to serve and minister to everyone through prayer and prophecy.

“Both Swan and Shiney have been serving the church as they prophesied and prayed for many people in DC and our region. I believe God has great plans He wants to fulfill through them now that they will serve as full-time ministers for Elim. It’s exciting to hear this news and we hope to unite well with them as the Holy Spirit leads us all,” said Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

Swan Hahm said in regards to her appointment, “First of all, I am thankful to have an opportunity to serve in Elim although I am insufficient. I would like to serve for the spiritual revival of DC through prayer.”

Shiney Hahm also commented, “I confess that this is God’s work. I wasn’t even thinking of being a full-time Elim staff even a week ago but Holy Spirit opened my heart and let me see the precariousness of this ministry. I honestly pray that my heart can be poor in spirit that seeks God’s grace and guidance always and hope that I can be completely healed by serving this ministry and be a wounded healer to comfort God’s people.”

Please pray for the two Elim representatives to boldly proclaim the word of God, His truth, and pray to revive the church, members and Mid-Atlantic region!