> The Holy Spirit Pours Down Grace During DC Elim One Day Retreat

The Holy Spirit Pours Down Grace During DC Elim One Day Retreat

On February 19, DC Elim Chapter held one day retreat where members joined and received the abundant grace of God.

Many members in DC were off from work for the President’s Day holiday and decided to join the retreat.

“Shiney delivered the message on Acts 9 about Saul’s conversion. We’ve all meditated on the deep grace of God calling a man such as Saul. It gave everyone an opportunity to look back to the time when God also called them by His amazing love and grace,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim.

After the message, everyone gathered and broke bread together.

Kim shared, “Elim prepared a reflection paper. We drew our image before our salvation and after. We’ve written down our favorite praise song on the paper and then later shared with everyone about why. Everyone had so much to share, we didn’t have enough time. God’s grace was overflowing.”

Last event of the retreat was a prayer for healing and family. Elim representatives prayed for members’ prayer topics about physical and spiritual health. They also prayed for members who wanted to receive prayer for their family.

“Through prophecy and prayer, everyone received a lot of encouragement and strength. We look forward to more Elim retreats in DC!”